Tantalum Wire



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Tantalum Wire is corrosion resistant and has good thermal conductivity. Some of its uses is in the suppling of heating elements,

vacuum tubes and other high temperature parts. These are commonly used in various industrial

applications due to its striking features. .


Purity :

99.95min or 99.99min


Sizes :


Material: RO5200 RO5400 RO5252 (Ta-2.5W) RO5255 (Ta-10W)
Available size: 0.1~4mm
Standard: As per ASTM B 365-98.
Purity: >=99.95 or 99.99



Tantalum finds use in four areas: high-temperature applications, such as aircraft engines; electrical devices, such as capacitors; surgical implants and handling corrosive chemicals. It is rarely used as an alloying agent because it tends to make metals brittle. Tantalum resist corrosion and is almost impervious to chemical attack, for this reason it has been employed in chemical industry.


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