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Tantalum Rod is in a variety of sizes.We can cut, slit, shear, or center less grind Tantalum to your exact specifications, and we also

have tremendous versatility when it comes to custom sizes, packages, and unusual materials.. Below are some of the

standard stock items-.


Tantalum Rod - Standard Products



TA007910 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:1.0mm, Purity:99.9%
TA007915 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:1.5mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007917 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:1.7mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007920 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:2.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007924 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:2.5mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007926 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:3.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007930 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:5.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007935 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:6.35mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007940 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:10.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007941 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:10.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Condition:Forged, Temper:Unannealed
TA007942 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:12.7mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007945 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:16mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:As drawn
TA007948 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:18mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007950 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:20.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007955 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:25mm, Purity:99.9%.
TA007960 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:30.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Condition:Forged, Temper:Unannealed
TA007961 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:30mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007970 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:40.0mm, Purity:99.9%,Condition:Forged, Temper:Unannealed
TA007972 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:50mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed
TA007975 Tantalum Rod,
Diameter:75mm, Purity:99.9%,Temper:Annealed


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